Results of our #BEA16 campaign on Twitter for Business

Results of our #BEA16 campaign on Twitter for Business

We’re opening the kimono to show our private parts! Many of our listeners want to know how to promote their books and projects via social media. So here are results of the sponsored Twitter feed we did during the two days of BEA this month to promote the radio show. Bottom line, you could say we bought 63 listeners for $200. However, those are likely to be influencers because the hashtag #bea16 targeted the feed closely. There were quite a few shares, and now @daboychik has several new Twitter followers a day.

The number of show listeners hit 400 today. It doesn’t climb but it maintains – at about 25 new listeners a day since we did this campaign. We’ve done Facebook boosts as well so we can’t say Twitter did it all.

However, the positive results of our Twitter campaign are undeniable. Facebook Boost and Google Adwords seem to be priced and tuned to ad agencies and corporate clients who have budgets we can’t hope to match. Goodreads ads are relatively economical, with the advantage that they can run continually for weeks or months. And a Goodreads Giveaway can very effective in building readership. What’s more, it’s just as effective to give away just 5 copies rather than 10 or 20.

Hey, let us know what works for you!

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