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Episode 3 – Historical Fiction Is All About Today!

Guiseppe Verdi by Giovanni Boldini

Guiseppe Verdi by Giovanni Boldini

Consider the notion that historical fiction is really all about today. The example I’ll use is actually from an opera – Nabucco by Guiseppe Verdi. It’s one of the most beautiful choruses ever composed.

You’ll find out how an opera two centuries old told a story from ancient times that motivated Italians to rise up against their oppressors, made a national hero of Verdi, inspired a national anthem, offended the Berlusconi government in recent times, informed a cultural protest, and reminds people today of their deep sense of national pride and destiny.

What’s ahead – Our guest for the next podcast – Episode 4 – will be Tom Sant, who went from being an overworked English professor to a global marketing consultant. He’ll tell us what’s hot and what’s not in business and how-to books.

So, get comfortable, or set the pace on that treadmill, or make sure the waiter has your order – We’re going to the opera!

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