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We call it garage-band marketing.”
Whether you’re playing to a few sleepy people in a small club in the wee hours or to a packed concert hall, you need good amplification.

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Why and How?

Headshots (Los Angeles or referrals)

Gabriella Muttone Photography (Los Angeles) GetPublished! Radio Advertiser

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Creating Marketing Plans

Amazon CreateSpace Marketing Central

Dan Poynter’s Self Publishing Manual: How to Write, Print and Sell Your Own Book – Vol 1

Dan Poynter’s Self Publishing Manual: How to Write, Print and Sell Your Own Book – Vol 2

You don’t have to publish with CreateSpace to get their wisdom

The late Dan Poynter was the unquestioned guru of indie publishing. He eventually came to believe that a ebook-only strategy might be the best for many first-time authors. (It’s certainly the quickest and the least expensive.)

Publicity Agents and Public Relations

Black Château Enterprises

See our Garage Band Marketing page

Best Book Publicists on Twitter Book Publicity 101: Hiring a Professional Marketing Firm (Publishers Weekly)Public Relations Society of America – Member Search

Digital agency for branding, promotion, and social media GetPublished! Radio Affiliate

Hiring a publicist or marketing firm can involve significant expense. Check out our Garage Band Marketing page and consider what you can do as self-promotion before you go hiring anyone.

Author Appearances

LinkedIn Groups (log in to view groups):


Bookstore appearances, particularly in the retail chains, are difficult to get and may not have the impact you expect. Getting booked as speaker to a special-interest group is much more likely, and potentially more productive in terms of building your readership. Hang out with your peers in these groups and find out what they are doing to get invited.

Book Reviews

The Frugal Book Promoter by Carolyn Howard-Johnson Advice on obtaining reviews for your new book.

Social Media Self Promotion

See our Garage Band Marketing page

Recommended toolset:

You sell out of your trunk until you don’t have to!

Social Media Advertising

Use audience targeting to make sure your advertising dollars reach your potential audience. Use the service’s tracking tools to analyze your hits and clicks, then refine your campaign. Don’t drop big expenditures or go for wide audiences, particularly as you begin. Small expenditures, incremental steps, and refine, refine, refine.

Book Rep





Book Distribution

Small Press United





BCH Fulfillment Distribution

Are you selling specialty or gift books to brick-and-mortar retail stores?

Small Press United reps sell books to chain and independent bookstores, wholesalers, libraries, the gift and specialty markets, and online retailers. SPU may require exclusivity and takes a healthy commission. Read terms carefully before you commit.

Retail fulfillment, including to bookstores


Promotion Gurus

Emarketed (

The Frugal Book Promoter by Carolyn Howard-Johnson

GetPublished! Radio Advertiser – Full range of PR consulting and production services for authors and publishers. Be sure to mention promo code RADIO when contacting our advertisers.

Ho-Jo has been there and done that. And she cringes at your having to spend money unnecessarily when she can suggest so many free self-promotion resources.

Support Network

IBPA Ask the Experts IBPA’s Q&A forum has been integrated with OpenLearing online tutorials. Some of the older posts can be read from this link. Log-in credentials are required if you want to access OpenLearning.
 Giveways Authors and publishers registered with Goodreads can run promotions by giving away copies (printed books only) of new book releases. Goodreads also supports paid ads. (Note that Goodreads is owned by Amazon. However, the printed copies need not be sourced from there. The promoter is responsible for shipping them to promotion winners directly.)

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